About us

Sophie & Ashleigh here, we are a pair of 20 somethings, from Edinburgh. We grew up together in a wee village called Ratho. Our brand was created during LOCKDOWN 1.0, what can we say what else was there to do right? Jumping on one of the many trends of the time that wasn’t banana bread we both began to tie dye separately from our bathrooms (to the dismay of our mothers). T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, bed sheets, you name it we tie dyed it. We realised there was a market for loungewear during this time, when everyone had to stay home and there you have it BTMF was born. Both of us independent women also wanted to work for ourselves with no one else to answer to (although sometimes we need that someone).

We are two girls with very different minds but when we put them together we get results …sometimes arguments.

Ashleighs facts -Fave Food - party food

                             Phobia- Broken bones

                             Pet peeve- Late people

Sophie facts -  Fave food - Creme eggs (this week)

                          Dream car - G wagon 

                          Fave quote - ' I am not smarter than you I just stay with the                                                   problem longer'



                          Our brand


Clothing for the elite 

Who are the elite? Strong, confident women are the elite.

We create clothing to make people feel confident, to make people stand out but also be comfortable. 

We are a fashion brand for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Our clothes are bright and fun but very wearable. We love the custom aspect of our brand as it gives us a channel of communication with our customers. It also allows our customers to show their personality through our clothes. 

The journey we are on with this new venture is so exciting and we can wait to bring you guys more fun fashion in the future!!!