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What is your referral program?

You can introduce your friends to BTMF using our unique subscribers link, this can be found here. Your friends will be offered a free pair of socks and gain access to exclusive offers and discounts from our mailing list.


How do I share my unique friend link?

We’ve created a unique link for you to share with your friends- so when they sign up and claim their socks, we’ll know that it was you who referred them. You can share this link via Email, Facebook or WhatsApp or simply copy and paste it and share it how you like.


How do I claim my referral rewards?

You’ll get a pair of socks once one of your friends sign up and claim their socks it is as easy as that!


I have referred a friend but not received my reward

We will be sending out all socks in 4 weeks’ time so remember to stay subscribed to our newsletter!


Is there any limit to the number of friends I can introduce?

There is a limit of 1 pair of socks per person, we have 200 pairs of socks and once they are gone they are gone!


Is there any limit to who I can refer?


There is no limit to who you can refer, the more the merrier. We cant wait to welcome more people to our BTMF community,